Mobile App


To download the Spokane Chiefs Mobile App presented by Numerica Credit Union, search “Spokane Chiefs” in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.




App Overview


The Spokane Chiefs and Numerica Credit Union have updated the Chiefs’ mobile app for the 2018-19 season! The app, developed by Sqwad Sports, features exciting fan-centric features, including in-game check-ins, a real-time fantasy sports-style game, rewards points, badges and more. It is available on iOS and Android devices.


Checking In


The easiest way to earn rewards points is to use the “Check In” feature at Chiefs’ home games! Right when you arrive, click the “CHECK IN” button; it’s that simple! Follow the Chiefs on social media for special event check-in opportunities as well. Remember, GPS location services must be activated on your device to successfully check in. Checking in is available approximately one hour prior to game time.


Chiefs Choices presented by Toyota

*Chiefs Choices reward points were reset to zero on Monday, June 1. Any rewards purchased prior to that date are still valid.

Fans can “pick” the players they think will score throughout the game and earn points when their selected players record goals, assists or penalty minutes. To play along with the Player Pick game, choose a pairing of players you think will make a difference during the game. If those players score, you win rewards points!

Remember, you can change your selected players at any time during the game (except immediately after a goal is scored or penalty occurs) and during intermissions. Just click the “Change Players” button. Expert players will match their selection to players on the ice in real time!

Player Pick Scoring

Goals: 5 points

Assists: 3 points

Penalty Minutes: 1 point*

*NOTE: Misconduct penalties do not count toward penalty minute totals for the purposes of the Player Pick game.



Mobile App Badge Example
“White Jerseys” Badge

Collect badges by checking in and entering badge codes found in the Arena at select games, at event tables and from following the Chiefs on social media! Some badge codes also earn you rewards points redeemable at the rewards store.


Rewards Store


The rewards store offers fans the opportunity to redeem rewards points for a variety of prizes and coupons, including team store discounts, ticket offers, merchandise, autographed memorabilia and unique fan experiences. Some prizes are limited so get them before they run out!


FAQs / Support

Below are some frequently asked questions and potential solutions. Still having problems? Email us at with the subject “Mobile App” and we’ll see what we can do to help! As with all new apps, we’re always looking to improve the user experience. We appreciate your patience as well as you informing us of errors/bugs so we can get them fixed as soon as possible. Go Chiefs Go!

Q: Why can’t I check in?

  • Check to make sure the GPS is activated on your device. This is required to check that the user is within or near the Arena at the time of check-in.
  • You can only check in to a game or event once.
  • Games will be available for check-in only shortly before doors open to the Arena.

Q: I logged in with Facebook but now my username is long and strange. How can I fix that?

  • Unfortunately, Facebook auto-populates your username if you use that method of logging in. But, you can change your username! Click the three bars icon in the upper left corner and select “EDIT USER INFO” under the “ACCOUNT” heading. Type in your desired username and click “SAVE”.

Q: I selected players for the Player Pick game last time I came to the Arena. Why didn’t it save my pick?

  • The Player Pick game resets every game to match the actual lineup (with player scratches) as much as possible. Users must re-select their chosen players each game to earn points in the Player Pick game.

We’ll continually update this FAQ as more common questions are answered.